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We are Claudia Bächle, trained nurse as well as Kairos therapist and Thomas Bächle, osteopath, physio as well as Kairos therapist. Both of us are Kairos ambassador.

Together we have been running our own family practice in Berlin-Spandau for over 30 years and together we have developed the "Via- Mea concept".

In the practice we are supported by our employee of many years, Mr. Uwe Nowigk, to whom we express our gratitude in this way.

The "Via Mea Concept"


Definition according to WHO

Health is a sense of well-being on a phy­si­cal, social, psychological and spiritual level and not just the absence of disease.

The "Via-Mea-Concept" is a combination of more than 30 years of practical experience with the current therapy possibilities to restore an optimal feeling of health.

This concept is individually tailored to each person and uses as a meaningful aspect the cybernetic muscle testing based on the Kairos Kairos method. This method is an idea of Dr. Karsten Wurm, who has accompanied us for a long time as a friend and mentor and laid the foundation of the Via-Mea concept.

Kairos method

The Kairos method is based on the holistic view of man: body - soul - mind, which are finally understood as one again. The core of the method is the cybernetic muscle test, with the help of which the causes of health problems can be identified and treated.

The US-American chiropractor George Goodhart found this test, which is now considered scientifically founded, from practical observation. The German orthopedist Dr. Karsten Wurm has succeeded in using this testing for the modern disease panorama of the 21st century. He calls this the "Kairos method". It integrates the already numerous existing therapeutic procedures.

Our values

Claudia and Thomas Bächle | Osteopathy and Physiotherapy in Berlin Spandau

Our values are:

  • honesty
  • freedom
  • love
  • learning and growing
  • and compassion.

For this we have chosen the symbol of the eagle, because the following story by Ronald Schweppe and Aljoscha Long moved us years ago.

The chicken and the eagle (from France)

A farmer found an egg in an abandoned nest and laid it with his chickens so that they would hatch it. And eventually an eagle chick hatched from the egg. But the chick did not know that it was an eagle. It grew up like the other chicks and thought it was a chicken. One day an eagle flew over the farm, became aware of the little eagle and called down: "Come with me! Let's fly over the mountains and ride the wind!"
When the little eagle saw the king of the air flying, he was afraid and, like the other chickens, put his head under his wings until the eagle disappeared.

How important it is to know oneself!

From "Feed the White Wolf - Wisdom Stories that Make You Happy." Published by Kösel-Verlag, Munich.
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