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What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy sees the body as a unit (holism). The flow of blood, lymph and cerebrospinal fluid (arterial rule) are connected with the movement of individual organs, especially lungs, heart and digestive tract and their influence on the whole body (interaction between organ and spine).

This interaction was supplemented by emotional and spiritual root causes in the Kairos method and optimized in the "Via-Mea-Konzept".

Osteopathy was founded by Andrew Tayler Still. He perceived the interconnectedness of different body systems and divided them into a "parietal system".

  • a "parietal system", from which chirotherapy also developed,
  • a "craniosacral system", which was further developed by Sutherland and Upleger, and
  • a "visceral system".

The Frenchman Barall was particularly outstanding in the latter.

Osteopathy for babies

At this point I would like to mention Viola Fryman, the "Grand Dame" of infant osteopathy, who took Still's findings into account, especially in infants, and laid a milestone.

Osteopathy for infants and toddlers in Berlin Spandau
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